TinySprite User Manual

This is a draft. Be patient. :)


  1. Project Types
  2. Tools

Project Types

You can either choose MSX1 or MSX2 as your Project Type.

This option affects your Exported data, and - in the near future right now - the ability to change the palette.

MSX1 allows you to have a maximum of 4 sprites per line, where each sprite is of a single color.
So, to compose a drawing of, say, 3 colors, you'll need exactly 3 sprites.

MSX2, on the other hand, allows you to have up to 8 sprites per line, and each of the sprite's line can have a different color.

In addition, the video chip in MSX2 is able to combine sprites colors with an OR operator, producing a total number of colors higher than the number of sprites combined. TinySprite take that into consideration and automatically generates the best combination of colors in order to minimize the quantity of sprites you need.

Note 1: the color 0 (zero) in MSX2 is not always transparent. In fact, you can change its RGB values and use it as a regular color. This behavior will be implemented soon in TinySprite.

Note 2: in MSX-BASIC you can change the sprite bitmap mask using SPRITE$(N)=[pattern]. With MSX2 you can also alter the line colors with COLORSPRITE$(N)=[attributes].


These are the tools available for editing the grid:

Preview Area

The preview area presents a reduced scale version of what your drawings look like.

Clicking on one of the available previews have the effect of selecting which slot is being edited in the main Grid.

You can use the preview panel to line up 4 slots together. This is often useful when editing "big sprites".

Slots Area

Each of your drawings is stored inside a single slot.

You can create any number of slots to store your drawings, rename them accordingly, and preview them on the preview area.

They can also be deleted, copied, pasted over another slot...

Upon clicking on a slot, your selected preview grid will be linked to it. So whenever you return to that particular preview, the slot will be active again.

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